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Over the last 35 years, Hoffman Power Consulting has created more than 1,000 client-tailored technical and marketing documents in the electric power industry. Following are representative samples of the many crisis communications products our team members have managed or produced in various positions throughout their careers:


Repair Crews: Restoration Progress

Extreme weather can take its toll on an electric power system. And when an unforeseen F3 tornado rips through an area not normally prone to those kinds of disasters, it can be doubly devastating. This news release details restoration progress and information for customers as part of an overall crisis communications effort.

Company Says Thanks for Your Patience

Once utility crews safely completed a challenging restoration, company management thanked its customers, as well as local, state, and federal agencies, for their cooperation and patience during the process. Not only did our team member write this video script and coordinate production, she also played a critical role in the multifaceted crisis communications effort.

Electric Power Resilience

Is there a solution that helps electric utilities 1) enhance resilience to wildfires and extreme weather, 2) decarbonize, AND 3) improve their operation and customer service during normal operation? This position paper describes not one, but six distinct solutions that simultaneously meet these three criteria.

Nuclear Power Plants Reconfirm Safety

During the Fukushima nuclear emergency, US utilities and plant operators received thousands of media inquiries and information requests regarding US nuclear plant safety. To help address these questions, this fact sheet explains the differences between Japanese and American nuclear plant design and safety practices.

Vault Restoration After Flooding

Crews specializing in underground electric vaults helped restore power to a downtown area flooded by Hurricane Harvey. This blog post and video package highlights their experience and thoughts as they head that way on the anniversary of another major hurricane.

Multi-Purpose Document: Extreme Weather

Tropical weather systems are problematic even if a severe weather front hasn’t already caused outages. As restoration and tropical monitoring occurred simultaneously, this news release served multiple purposes, all in an effort to keep customers informed.

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