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What We Do

Hoffman helps electric utilities plan and better communicate with their stakeholders – before, during, and after a crisis – by producing compelling, useful utility-tailored content: news releases, blog posts, position papers, regulatory support materials, executive speeches, employee newsletters, customer fliers, infographics, social media content, webinars, and more.

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How You Benefit

Crisis Management

Prepare for, manage, and recover from a broad range of crises via informative, sensitive, positive, engaging, and credible communications.

Crisis Communications

Improve your communications with customers, shareholders, communities, local businesses, regulatory agencies, the media, employees, emergency responders, and the public.

Crisis Content

Enhance your communications in all forms to better inform your stakeholders, improve your community and customer relations, and enhance your business relationships.

We Know Crisis Communications

We‘re a team of former electric utility personnel in corporate communications, government and policy affairs, and engineering/planning. We know how utilities work…and we understand the challenges that extreme weather, wildfires, the pandemic, potential cybersecurity threats, and unplanned occurrences can bring.

We use this knowledge and experience to produce utility-tailored crisis communications products that can help you when you need it most.

Before the Crisis

  • We prepare draft templates and content for various media
  • We revise and enhance your crisis plans (e.g., roles, actions)
  • We help you enhance community relationships via webinars and online content
  • We develop position papers and regulatory support materials

During the Crisis

  • We help you assemble and report accurate, complete information
  • We help you maximize the power of social media
  • We finalize online updates
  • We help you coordinate consistent response communication across stakeholders

After the Crisis

  • We develop wrap-up news releases and statements for traditional and social media
  • We develop employee updates
  • We help you inform all stakeholders on restoration and recovery efforts
  • We help you distribute lessons learned and enhanced practices

Let’s talk crisis content!