Each Client Engagement is Unique

Each Hoffman project is a unique consulting engagement with defined, tailored deliverables. Each client project begins by identifying the target audience(s), objective(s), desired length, key messages, tone, structure, supporting information, work scope, and schedule for delivery.

Research: Gathering and Synthesizing Information

To gather information for each writing project, Hoffman performs online research, reviews existing client documents, and interviews subject matter experts. Hoffman then synthesizes this information to develop the content in the form the client requires.

Writing New Documents

To write new documents, Hoffman begins with a blank page and creates some of the most effective written documents in the electric power industry today. To do this, Hoffman organizes the information gathered, develops an outline, iterates with the client on this outline, drafts the document, and then incorporates comments to complete the work. The secret sauce here is the industry knowledge and experience we’ve gained from producing these documents over time. The deliverable is a custom document, tailored to the specific needs of the client, in the client’s format, and fully client owned.

Editing and Enhancing Existing Documents

In some engagements, Hoffman edits and enhances documents drafted by third parties. Based on client specifications and our best practices, we improve the organization, clarity, presentation, consistency, accuracy, completeness, tone, grammar, usage, and format.

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