Hoffman researches and writes custom technical documents for electric power industry stakeholders on some of the most important, complex issues the industry faces.

Our senior writers have more than 100 combined years of full-time experience in the electric power industry. We’re career technical experts in this industry AND excellent writers. That’s the combination you need for your research reports, white papers, presentations, executive speeches, press releases, and more.

Helping the Electric Power Industry Communicate, Since 1985

For over three decades, Hoffman writers have helped the electric power industry communicate in writing. We enable better understanding of the challenges and solutions of some of the most pressing industry issues today, most recently including:

  • Power system resiliency in the face of wildfires, cyber security, hurricanes, etc.
  • Rising utility customer expectations (smart homes, flexible rate structures)
  • State and local demands to reduce carbon footprint
  • Challenges from increasing renewable distributed energy resources and storage
  • Evolving electric end-use technologies (electric transportation, hybrid heat pumps, industrial electric technologies)
  • Building decarbonization
  • Sustainability for utilities and their customers
  • Coal plant decommissioning and site reuse
  • Environmental impacts of the rapidly evolving industry
  • Continuing closures and cost pressure on nuclear power plants
  • Shifting utility business practices and approaches
  • The increasing connectivity of the smart grid, big data, and the Internet of Things

Slide Hoffman is a leading writer of custom technical reports and marketing documents
for utilities, collaborative organizations, government entities,
and other stakeholders in the electric power industry.